AquaSuite Boiler Mattress System

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Bedroom Furniture
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Home Furniture
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Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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CSE Co.,Ltd.
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AquaSuite Boiler Mattress system creates a perfect ambience for a good night of sleep.
Science for amenity. "ONDOL" system.

ONDOL Heating System


ONDOL is a Korean traditional under-floor heating mechanism, lately selected as an international standard for house heating by ISO. AquaSuite Boiler Mattress system has adopted this traditional concept to heat up a mattress by circulating hot water through water tubes embedded inside the mattress. Water is heated up by a boiler inside AquaSuite controller, and circulated by a silent water pump also inside the controller, through the water tubes inside the mattress. Over 50% of latest housing projects in Western Europe have chosen this unique heating mechanism for their new houses.



Advantages of AquaSuite Boiler Mattress System


AquaSuite system maximizes the advantages of ONDOL heating mechanism, keeping the floor warm while keeping the rest of the room at a relatively cool surrounding temperature. AquaSuite system is superior, compared to other conventional heating systems such as radiators and fan heaters, in regulating the humidity level and eliminating background electromagnetic wave, at a substantially lower electricity consumption rate.





1. Free from Electromagnetic Wave

- Unlike conventional electric mattresses, AquaSuites hot water circulation mechanism is completely free from harmful electromagnetic wave, and hence creates a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for a good night of sleep.


2. Automatic Error Detecting Features

- AquaSuite controller has circuits to detect functional defects of the pump and the boiler, and hence eliminates the danger of electricity related safety hazards.


3. Intelligent Power Supply Shut-off

- AquaSuite controller has been designed to automatically shut off its power supply in case the controller unit is tilted more than 20 ° from upright position, and prevents safety hazards which may occur when the controller unit slides and falls off the edge of a shelf.





1. Extremely Low Noise Level

- AquaSuites unique innovation using BLDC type water pump and indirect waterway heating mechanism guarantees virtually no noise from the motor or boiling of the water, and as a result provides a tranquil ambience for sleeping.


2. Hardwood-Charcoal Layer

- Hardwood-Charcoal layer embodied inside the mattress absorbs background electromagnetic wave, controls the humidity, emits far infra-red radiation which enhances the human body metabolism, and hence delivers a healthy sleeping environment.


3. Remedial Heat Distribution

- Keeping the head relatively cool while keeping the feet warm is widely known in Eastern medicine to be the most adequate sleeping condition to enhance the human bodys repairing metabolism.





1. Saving on Electricity Bill

- AquaSuites power consumption is at least 75% less than the conventional heating mechanism using electric radiator or heaters, and hence provides an innovative way of saving on heating expenses.


2. Air-tight Hot Water Circulation

- AquaSuite boiler mattress system has a virtually air-tight water circulation tubing structure which retains water within the system through a unique condensation mechanism, allowing the users to not worry about having to refill the water tank.


3. Convenient and Precise Temperature Control

- Water temperature can be controlled to single-degree precision between room temperature and 65 °C.


4. Quick couplers

- Adopting quick coupler technology has made the connection between the controller and the mattress ever so easy, and helps prevent scald hazards.



Chamois Mattress Cover


High quality Chamois cover delivers softness and comfort to the skin, and adds elegance to the mattress design.



Semi-permanent Pump Life Expectancy


BLDC type pump adopted in AquaSuite controller is the completion of the manufacturers technology and experience accumulated over 20 years of engineering and manufacturing pumps. BLDC type water pump extends the life expectancy of AquaSuite controller semi-permanently.



Non-adhesive Santoprene Tubes


Water circulation tube inside the mattress has been formed of Santoprene, which is a material known to be durable to high pressure and temperature. Non-adhesive property of santoprene tubes help prevent blockage of the water circulation tubes.